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Welcome to BizPlanTemplates.com

We are a team of business plan writers specializing in the creation of investor level business plan templates.

We offer high quality documents in Word, Excel and PowerPoint to help start and operate a business.

Our documents and products have helped thousands of entrepreneurs realize their dreams of starting a business. Read reviews of our products: Customer Reviews

Our business plans are what we term a hybrid document. What this means is, it is between a sample and template. The vast majority of the writing is complete and will only require minor modification on your end, such as typing in your company name, management team, etc.

We understand how time-consuming it can be to sit down and write a business plan from scratch. We also know that hiring a business planning company can be expensive. That is why we created our hybrid business plan documents.

Our business plans are fully customizable when opened in Microsoft Office.

A full sample set of financial statements is included with each plan.

Each business plan template is uniquely created to be industry specific.

The documents are very intuitive, giving you the ability to rapidly customize them for your specific business venture.

Save time and money by utilizing the research, writing, and financial modeling our team has already done on your behalf.

This site contains a complete list of all our business plans and documents, so search or browse for what you need. Once you find what you are looking for, click on that business plan product and it will feature detailed information about that the documents and how to purchase.

Thank you or visiting and we hope our products can be of assistance in your business endeavor.

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