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Description of Auto Body Repair Process

Repair/Replacement A distinction should be made between the term "repair" and "replace." These two terms involve separate processes. If a body component has been completely mangled, it will simply be "replaced." This is the easiest type of body work since the process involved is simply purchasing the part, installation, and painting. "Repair" work may involve [...]

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Having a Business Plan when starting a company

No matter what kind of business venture you are planning to launch, you should write a business plan which outlines all aspects of your future business. This outline should include the long-term and short-term goals for the business, what services or products it is going to sell, how much money you want it to make [...]

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Selecting a Name for your Company

Deciding what to name your startup is not something to be taken lightly because the name you choose can have a major effect on how successful the business becomes. The wrong name can actually doom your business into obscurity. What you want is a name that conveys to the world how unique and valuable your [...]

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How to Start a Business on a Small Shoe-String Budget

Many of us have had thoughts about starting our own small business. What about you? Do you have something special in mind that you think people would love? Have you pictured yourself having a storefront that provides the neighborhood with something they need? Unfortunately, many of those who actually move forward with their idea for [...]

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Opening a Juice Bar

Have you been contemplating the idea of opening a juice bar? Well, you are not alone. There are lots of people who have the same idea. Turning vegetables and fruits into liquid gold and providing individuals with healthy eating alternatives is an idea whose time has come. Juice bars are big business and that means [...]

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Proper Planning Before Launching a Business

A lot of young entrepreneurs dream of launching their own business. And, if you have the necessary resources and proper planning, this dream can easily become a reality. However, there are quite a few steps that you have to take long before you make your first sale. Perfect planning, as well as carefully laid out [...]

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The Mobile App Business

People often misunderstand the power behind a mobile app. You might think that a mobile app is just something that you create through coding and then publish to the Google Play or Apple stores. Although this is the basic process of how mobile apps are distributed, the power behind each app is what separates them [...]

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