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High Quality Business Plan Documents in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. If you are looking to start an Online / Internet Consignment Store then this is for you. A business plan template and startup package specifically set up for starting an Online Consignment Shop.

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The Internet Consignment Store Business Plan Template is a high quality hybrid business plan document, which is between a template and a sample. Together with the Excel financial model worksheets and PowerPoint Pitch Deck, this product provides a quick, effective and affordable way to create a professional set of start-up documents for an Online Consignment Shop.

The Business Plan

The Financials

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This business plan is set up to get a business up and running and can be used to show to lenders and investors for the purpose of raising money. With a few quick and simple modifications, like the name of the company and owner’s bio, these documents can be easily customized to the exact needs of a business venture. This business plan template and start-up package assist entrepreneurs in the development of professional documents that can be used to start and grow a business.

The documents are industry specific with realistic strategies and figures. Lenders, investors, and management need a concise, professional roadmap for making decisions, and these documents provide that. The usability of the documents is unparalleled among business plan templates.

With a small amount of customization, users are guaranteed to have professional, extensive, and usable documents that are unique to their own business. Instructions on what to change and how are highlighted in the documents. Following along and taking a little time to fill in each customization area, such as specific product / service offerings, allows entrepreneurs to gain deep insights into their business strategies, offerings, and model.

All documents are copyrighted, and the Excel financial model is patent pending. By accepting these products, you are granted a limited right to use the copyright and patent for your own personal and business use. This use is limited to the initial buyer of the document(s), and it is understood that these documents are not for re-sale, copyright or to be posted on the web.

All documents come in Microsoft Office files.

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